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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School giveaway!

We home-school in our dining room!  Where there is school there is CHALK!  When I saw these puppies – I got a little excited!  Who doesn’t like ANTI-DUST??? 
My kids LOVE chalk!  We use chalk for the sidewalks, the walls, and even actual chalkboards, sometimes.

I'll do just about anything to let my children have fun writing and practice their letters!  I really LOVE when they write on the sidewalks outside - but writing is writing and the more they do it, they more they will be better at it!  (This Works for Me!)

However, I don’t like dust and this is ANTI-DUST!!!  Have I mentioned I’m ANTI-DUST???
How fun is that for a Teacher or Mommy? 

Want to win a box?

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