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Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Call Away by Brenda Warner and Jennifer Schuchmann Book Review

One Call Away: Answering Life's Challenges with Unshakable Faith

From the publisher:

Brenda’s life has taken twists and turns that are stranger than fiction. It always seemed as if she was just one phone call away from the next explosive change. Each time her plans fell apart, she had a choice: would she give up, or would she press forward and learn from the unexpected? One Call Away is the inspiring story of a woman who has prevailed through many of the circumstances that discourage women: tragedy, poverty, betrayal, and humiliation. But unlike most women, her life has been on display in the media.

Brenda’s faith and God’s strength enable her to face challenge after challenge: an accident that leaves her son blind and brain damaged, a crumbling marriage, a tornado that kills her parents, a new relationship with promising football player Kurt Warner, and the pressures his sudden success brings to their growing family.

Through food stamps and funerals, Super Bowls and serving others, Brenda’s strength is unwavering. Her determination to dream new dreams, willingness to learn from her mistakes, and commitment to giving back to her community make her a role model for women of all backgrounds.
Her dreams haven’t materialized as she had imagined, but Brenda has found that God has a much bigger plan for her. Conversational and candid, One Call Away invites readers facing their own difficulties to trust God and discover hope in the future.

My Review:

I almost didn't review this book.  I don't normally have an interest in sport stars or their home lives. 

But, something about the cover and the mother of 7 children caught my attention.

Seriously, I felt like I was actually sitting on the sofa with Brenda Warner and her telling me her testimony of how God has used her life to honor Him.  I laughed, cried and even got mad more than once.

I suggest not starting the book at 10:00 at night unless you want to miss some sleep.  She truly has a roller coaster of a ride kind of life.  All while learning who she was in Christ.

This book does address some non-family friendly issues and should be kept for the mature at heart.  However, I have NO reservation of recommending this book for every wife who needs encouragement.

I hope one day to meet Brenda Warner.  (Although, her husband might be a little disappointed to know - I really had no idea who he was before reading this book.)  I feel after reading the book - we are already friends.

Blessings to you!  You are loved!

Note: I was sent complimentary copy for review purposes only. This review has not been monetarily compensated. The review was my honest opinion and views and not influenced by the sponsor in any way.


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